Welcome to my website — a site intended to be simplistic, easy to read, and privacy respecting. Here is where I post my thoughts and how-tos on technology and anything else I feel like commenting on.

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Let's get this part out of the way now. Click here to read it. I promise you'll like it.

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My website is compatible with all browsers including terminal browsers like Lynx.

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Site Philosophy

Bloat sucks. I wanted to eliminate the bloat that is WordPress and all other easy-to-use WYSIWYG editors. I also wanted to eliminate all tracking and metrics as well. Go ahead, right-click and view the source of any page here. I used to have a WordPress blog that I kept for about ten years before switching to my own hosting solution. I deleted it because I was sick of all the crap on it — not my content that is, but all the extra crap that comes with WordPress and it's themes. Finding a template I liked was painful, and I changed the look often. I kept wanting a simple and easy to read format and never found one I liked. I also wanted a site that didn't have a bunch of crap code that slowed download times. I hate pretty much every website that I visit that are full of scripts, trackers, and all sorts of other crap and worst of all, ads!. Why can't we have a web that is simple to use, navigate, and read without it reading us?

With this site of mine, I plan on doing my best to keep it simple and to suck less. I don't want useless or malformed code on here anywhere, and that means that I have to code the whole site by hand and that's fine by me. I haven't coded HTML since the late 1990s, so I had to re-learn a few things, and that's cool by me. I manually write every page on this site in Vim, or rather NeoVim. Then I check every page in an HTML, or RSS checker to validate them and ensure they meet all current standards.

Pictures are bloat

Yeah, I'm saying it, pictures are bloat on websites. I will no longer add pictures on my site and instead will keep it all text-based. I want the website to be speedy and easy to read. As we say in the Marine Corps, "high speed, low drag." I know some people like pictures, and that's fine. I'm going to offer blog articles from my old website, which had photos on them, as a downloadable pdf at the bottom of the articles. That way, you can see the article as they were initially. How-to articles with photos will be helpful where pictures are necessary to help understand what is happening, and will be available to download as pdf as well.

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