The end of OS X? I think not

28 June 2010

I saw an article on about the recent change of the iPhone OS to the iOS and it's possible correlation with OS/X. Granted that the title of the website includes the word "Rumors", but some of the comments I saw were quite ridiculous. Folks are already talking about the demise of Apple's desktop operating system, "OS/X", because of a rumor that Apple may rename OS/X with something to the effect of having an "i" in it or have it fall under the new iOS name.

You know what? Maybe Apple will rename it something else, or maybe they won't. As anyone who follows Apple knows, you can't always count on anything they're going to do until Steve Jobs or other representative officially announces it. Some people are making the comments that Apple is going to do away with the entire platform of OS/X and replace it with the touch based iOS that is found on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. So far that is all speculation and conjecture based on the following quote.

They are currently thinking of using iOS as the default naming/branding of Apple OS. We would then have iOS desktop, iOS server and iOS mobile. The final decision is not taken yet, however, the proposal seems to be well supported by the high management, it would give a better exposure and unity to Apple OS platforms while making communication easier.

You can read the tiny announcement here but as you will see, there is absolutely no credible source cited, or any source cited for that matter. It just amazes me at some of the conclusions people will come up with based on little or no information and with no credible source.

Sure it's fun to speculate on what Apple might do, but get a grip and try to make your rumors a little more believable. I mean really, can you honestly expect that they would dump the traditional desktop platform for a touch based platform? I certainly don't think so. I think that could be compared to the auto industry dumping the combustion engine in all their products and going electric. How would that affect society? There goes the trucking industry and heavy machinery industry and so on. I don't think it can be done, at least not in the next 10-20 years based on where we are today.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.