Overused Personal Pronouns

01 July 2010

Proverbs 27:2 says:

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth; a stranger, and not thine own lips.

What is the obsession with some people and their use of personal pronouns? The object of this blog posting is not necessarily that people use personal pronouns, because that would be dumb. My point is that some people can't stop talking about themselves and it aggravates the fire out the rest of us.

Don't they have anything to talk about besides themselves? Do you ever have a conversation with someone and the only thing they ever talk about is how good they are at this or that? Maybe they talk about what they have done, what they plan on doing or they talk about how this hurts or that hurts and any pain they're experiencing. Sure, there isn't necessarily anything wrong with some of that as long as it is in moderation.

You have these people out there that talk about themselves way too much and what makes it aggravating is that they don't give you an opportunity to converse back with them. Maybe you have a comment on something they said, or a comparable example in your own life to comment about in relation to what they are saying. Instead of them allowing you to comment, they cut you off in mid-sentence to continue talking about themselves. They make you feel as if you're so unimportant that what you've just said wasn't good enough to be acknowledged by them and you are ignored for the more important subject: them.

What I think is going on with people like this is that they lack a fair amount of self-confidence and they are over-compensating for it by trying to impress everyone they meet with all the facts of how good they are at whatever. They think that people would otherwise not notice them or what they've done. Perhaps even that these people have nothing going on in their lives except a few small things and they are devoid of anything else to say.

Also, they may be self-absorbed so much that they couldn't care less about anyone else. That would explain the lack of interest they have in whom they are talking to at any given moment. Think about it, the last time you ran into someone like this, did they ask you how your day was? Did they inquire about how you're doing, your status in whatever the subject matter is, your opinion on whatever? Did they have any compliments to pay you? I'm thinking probably not. Perhaps the only time they will have regard for a comment or opinion of yours is when it is a comment or praise of them.

Thinking, caring and compassionate people aren't like this typically. They enjoy the give and take conversation whereby each person contributes to the conversation in a meaningful and insightful way, giving credence to the other person for their thoughts. They allow the other person speak without rude interruptions and disregard for their comments.

If you're one of these "I" and "me" people who cannot stop talking about yourself, STOP IT! You make yourself look like an idiot and no one really wants to talk to you because you treat them like morons you jerk!

If you're not one of these people and happen to run into one of them, once you realize who they are and what they're about, just walk away. Chances are they probably won't even notice you left because they are too absorbed with themselves to even care.

The Word of God is true. The Proverb I quoted above rings true today as the day it was penned down. No one likes boasters and braggers. You'll get tons more respect if you're humble about yourself and when you do good, people will notice without you having to tell them.

People are always watching you no matter where you are or what you're doing. I'm watching you and you're watching me; we are all people watchers. If you're looking for the praise of another man's lips, keep your big yapper shut and you'll get that praise you so desperately seek from others out of their own recognizance.

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