My Introverted Dream

12 February 2011

My introverted dream. This will most certainly be a dream and probably not even introverted, but more hermit-like! I love the tropics and lived for a year on the Japanese island of Okinawa. I enjoyed every minute of it while I was there and hope to visit again someday. Therefore the setting of my dream is tropical, most likely in Hawaii as that is the American equivalent to Okinawa. Even better would be a much smaller, virtually uninhabited island in the South Pacific Ocean. I'd prefer to have it all to myself and a female companion of course. The weather would be hot and humid all year and the cool ocean breeze would flow to bring the heat into moderation.

I can easily do without many of the conveniences of modern life, such as this computer I am typing on, the television, and the XBox. I especially could do without the telephone. If I could find a way to live and work right now without the telephone I would do it. I think the only electronic gadget I would like to have on my island would be something to play music on, and maybe a Kindle to read ebooks.

I absolutely love the ocean and spent many a day and night sitting by the Pacific just staring out there and listening to it crash onto the beach. I could never get bored with that. Some people say island life isn't for them, because there isn't much to do. But for me, that is the attraction of it. Sitting outside under a palm tree watching the ocean for hours is my thrill. Doing that and reading a good book is just as fun. I would love to share this island with a female partner who also enjoys this type of dream and quiet lifestyle.

In this dream there would be another island several miles away where we could either boat or fly to from our island to pick up supplies and interact with other humans when the mood was right. It's not healthy to be completely cut off from other people. As introverts, we do need some level of extroversion to balance ourselves. But when I am ready for quiet time, I delight in the knowledge that  I can be far away from others, where they won't bother me in the slightest bit.

On this island, I wouldn't need some colossal mansion to live in. All we need is something just large enough to protect us from any bad weather, and provide us with sleeping quarters, restroom and kitchen areas. Also, a nice living room area looking out over the ocean of course. I suppose just your average ranch style home, only built for island life would suit me. Oh wait, I would also like to have a study, where I could do my reading and writing when I'm not doing those outside.

Overall, I think my dream is simplistic, minimalistic and wonderful. I hope to someday achieve this dream in some fashion or another. It's doubtful I would ever own my own island, but I could make it to Hawaii and have a place there to sit by the ocean and dream.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.