Apple TV Adds Apps for Vevo, Weather Channel, Disney, and Smithsonian Channel – MacRumors

27 August 2013

MacRumors has just posted an article about Apple adding some new content channels to the Apple TV. I'm happy to see Apple adding more channels to their "hobby" device and it seems they're doing so with a little more frequency than in the past.

As I understand it, the Weather and Smithsonian channels do not require a cable TV channel subscription like HBO, ESPN and the two new Disney channels.

Typically, I spend most of my time in Netflix on the Apple TV and then iTunes either via the direct links for movies and TV shows, or through the Computer app where I can stream my library of media to the TV.

For my desires, I may spend some time in the Smithsonian channel as well as check out the Weather Channel in hopes of some decent content.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.