The New iPhone 5s and 5c

10 September 2013

Earlier today Apple introduced their new line of iPhone's, the 5c and the 5s along with iOS 7 and some new features not previously disclosed.

The iPhone 5c:

First and most noticeably it comes in several colors.

It is a plastic shell made of one piece and should prove to be far more durable than previous all glass models, like the iPhone 4 and 4S.

It also has a new A6 chip, a generation up from the 4S's A5 chip.

Best of all, it starts at $99, subsidized by the carriers of course. This will be a huge deal for many people who found even the base model of previous iPhone's starting at $199 to be too much. It will allow more people to own a new iPhone at a more reasonable price point.

The $99 model comes in 16GB and the $199 model will come in 32GB

The iPhone 5s

The new, top line model of the iPhone has some new improvements over the current iPhone 5 and even the lower tier iPhone 5c models.

Most notably, the metal frame which comes in billed colors as Silver, Space Gray and Gold. Additionally, it has a ring around the home button which is part of the sapphire button and new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor.

It has a new camera with dual-LED's flash which is tinted to allow for better photos depending on subject and lighting conditions.

The most interesting new feature to me is the Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor. Apple says that it is strictly used to authenticate to the phone, make iTunes and App Store purchases. They advise that the data it uses from your fingerprint stays on the phone and locked inside the A7 chip. It's never used by third-party apps, sent to Apple or uploaded to iCloud.

Hopefully, that remains true and that it will secure. But also, I hope that the sensor won't be easily defeated and tricked into authenticating when the proper users print isn't being used. Many bio-metric sensors in the past have been able to be defeated rendering them useless. I certainly hope this time, Apple made it bulletproof.

I have little doubt that security experts and bad guys alike will go to work on this Touch ID technology and try to find cracks in it.


A couple of things that I was slightly surprised to see, or rather not see, is that Apple didn't raise the base capacity from 16GB to 32GB. And that they didn't include the new wireless AC standard to go with the new Airport Extreme and match the new MacBook Air.

The cases for the 5c look terrible in my opinion, but I am sure there will be folks, probably the younger ones than I, will enjoy them. The cases for the 5s seem rather pricey at $40. I think $20-$25 would be more acceptable for a price.

I'm due for an upgrade this year and the 5s will be in my future. I don't know yet which color I want and will wait until my local AT&T store has them in stock so that I may view and handle them in person.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.