Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

15 June 2013

I've been a fan of Daft Punk for many years and enjoy all of their songs and albums. Recently they released a new album titled Random Access Memories. While it was available for pre-order from iTunes, you could stream the whole album for listening. It was nearly on a continuous loop each day until it was released for sale - that's how much I like it.

I knew for some time that they were working on a new project from rumors on Twitter and was looking forward to it. I wasn't sure what to expect, except that I would like it. Once I heard it for the first time I was in love with it; each and every song. Not only did they meet my expectations, they greatly exceeded them!

Their work and corroboration with others on this album paid off. I really love their take on the discotheque genre in this and all their songs.

Random Access Memories is a combination of discotheque, love song, jazz, rock, singer/songwriter and that good 'ol summer "feel good" songs. They blended the tracks on the album together so well that they could incorporate several different styles and keys into the same album and make it sound good and flow from song to song.

Track reviews:

  1. Give Life Back To Music - An absolute great opening track and one of the best of the album. It's a great funky riff with a great beat to move to.The title and feel of the song makes believe their intent it to breath some life back into the music and bring about a genuine love for it. A step away from the average song just cranked out to produce some revenue and get a few listens.
  2. The Game Of Love - This is a slower song, kind of a love song where the girl left him and he wanted her to stay. The slow jazz beat is rhythmic and somber and yet driving you along to the next track.
  3. Giorgio by Moroder - This is probably my favorite track overall. The discotheque beat and and rhythm is a forceful sound with a wonderful "future tech" sound to it. Anyone with the ability to move their body can't help to move with this one. When this one comes on in the playlist in my iPod while driving down the road, I crank the volume up as far as the speakers will let it without distortion and I find myself tapping away on the steering wheel and with both feet on the pedals and I end up driving too fast and have to slow down. The last half of the track is even better as the tempo picks up a little right after the short interlude.
  4. Within - This is the track where they bring in a key change and do it quite masterfully with the piano. This song is a story about trying to understand the feelings inside of him and understanding who he is. He needs to validate his feelings and search for love. The song is another slower one, yet with the same techno sound from The Game Of Love.
  5. Instant Crush - The pace and beat picks up a little with this song. This is another of my favorites and really enjoy the techno sound of it.
  6. Lose Yourself To Dance - The title says it all here. A great summer hit song where anyone can dance to the beat and get lost in the music. It's another song with a great disco beat with that awesome techno touch that only Daft Punk could pull off.
  7. Touch - Just a fantastic track right here. This is one that reminds of a traditional singer/songwriter genre intertwined with the style of Daft Punk. It's a reminiscent track taking you back in time through space while longing for what once was. It has the 70's disco beat to it and I just love it.
  8. Get Lucky - This is another of the feel good summer tracks with a terrific beat to dance to.
  9. Beyond - Just a beautiful, jazzy, soulful and techno track about love and dreaming big.
  10. Motherboard - An instrumental track with a nice beat and flow to it. Kind of a filler track but good nonetheless. It has a wonderful mix of synthetic sound couple with acoustic sound.
  11. Fragments of Time - This track seems to me to tell the theme of the album; putting fragments of time together in random memories. It's about all the good times that we never want to end. But of course they do, but we have our memories of them and we can play them back to ourselves no matter where we may be. It's another one of the feel good songs on this album too.
  12. Doin' It Right - Classic discotheque right here; Daft Punk style. It doesn't get any better than this and it's the track best played in a club.
  13. Contact - Kind of the finale to the album and actually requested and received real NASA radio transmissions for use in the track and otherwise an instrumental one. This is a great upbeat dance track the brings the album to a close but in such a way that you don't want it to end.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.