Classic Films & TCM

12 August 2014

A few months ago I signed up with DirecTV to provide me with television service. It's probably been about ten years or so since I had any form of traditional television service. The last thing I had was Dish Network, and before that Charter Cable. Over the last decade, I've been just watching DVDs and Blu-ray's and then Netflix and iTunes content via an Apple TV.

Since having DirecTV, my favorite channel is 256 or TCM (Turner Classic Movies). With encouragement from friends on MacRumors, I've seen several classic films that rate in the all time best category. Plus, many other films of good review.

I am finding that I really enjoy these classics better than many, more contemporary, movies. I say that because the films do not rely on special effects to carry the movie through for the viewer. They rely on great plots and great acting. I'm not saying that modern movies don't have great plots and acting, but in my opinion, they're fewer and farther apart while the majority are over-the-top with special effects and poor story lines and acting. Additionally, these classic films, most of them, are in black & white and there is a certain elegance to that over color.

Just some of the films that I've seen recently are listed here, in no particular order. Some of these, and others, I'll come back and post a review of as well.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.