Fresh Batch's of Coffee En Route

09 August 2014

The other day I ordered a batch of the Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber as it was, and may still be, on sale in the roasted beans department. It's due to arrive Wednesday sometime and that will be perfect as my current supply is running critically low.

Today, I stopped at my local Tim Horton's and picked up a fresh 1 pound bag of whole beans to replace my now empty container of Stumptown beans. It's a little strange with Tim Horton's because when I walk into the restaurant, they sell 1 pound bags, which is ideal for me. But if I were, and never have, yet, to order the Tim Horton's whole beans on their website, it's only sold in 2 pound bags - less than ideal for my needs.

So I have a fresh batch of Tim Hortons for my French Press and a fresh batch of Liquid Amber en route for my espresso needs. Happy days ahead!

Download the pdf version with pictures here.