Sweet Maria's Liquid Amber Espresso Blend

06 June 2014

Sweet Maria's is a company who primarily sells green coffee beans to roasters, both commercial and home DIY's.

I am not a home roaster and probably won't ever be as long as I live in an apartment and only drink espresso occasionally and one or two cups of coffee each day. However, on rare occasion, they will roast small quantities of beans and offer them for sale on their website.

One of their blends, they call Liquid Amber. A friend told me about it on MacRumors and the first chance I had, which was at Thanksgiving last year, I ordered some. I received the email notification for which I signed up for just as I was arriving for a gathering for dinner. All I had was my iPhone with me and I sat there for 15 minutes using the tiny screen to place the order. I was successful in getting it and within 15 minutes of that, their website showed 'out of stock.' The stuff is that good, and they only make so much and it goes fast.

It's the best tasting blend of espresso I've tried, and I've tried several brands over the last year or so. Plus it has the biggest crema I, and my friend who told me, have ever seen. He buys the beans green and roasts them himself at home and gets awesome crema, just like I do from the same beans roasted by Sweet Maria's.

The other day, the Liquid Amber went up on sale for buying it roasted and I quickly placed the order. It should arrive this coming Wednesday. I'm looking forward to to receiving it and making huge crema and a great taste.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.