iOS App Review: 'Great Coffee App'

12 June 2014

I was browsing the [iOS] App Store last week for coffee and espresso related apps and came across the Great Coffee App. Here is their direct website with more useful information about the app and the development of it.

This is a superbly, yet simply designed app which gives short instructions and descriptions on how to make the various types of espresso and espresso based drinks. It offers high quality images and videos and absolutely exquisite piano music to listen to while you browse through the app. On some of the screens there are delightful little animations of steam emanating from the cups, giving you that warm feeling of almost having one in front of you.

You can 'favorite' drinks which puts a little star over it on the main menu page, allowing you to more quickly spot your favorite drink visually.

The videos are very well made and show, quickly, the process of how the drink is made from grinding, to tamping to extracting and finally what a good pull looks like.

The 'coffee menu' offers details on the following drinks.

There are options for sharing these fine drink variations via Messages, email, Twitter, Facebook, and AirDrop. You can also send things to the Reading List as well. A variety of languages are also available to read the app with.

Lastly, there is a button to tap which will show you the different swipe options available in the app.

It's a universal app for both iPhone and iPad and costs $2.99.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.