Review: Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil

08 March 2015

I bought these headphones in January 2015 because I was tired of using the little ear buds I've been using all of these years. The ear buds are a good quality set, not the Apple branded ones, which I like a lot. But I would rather use those when I'm on-the-go and not at home.

Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil

At home if I want to listen to music or watch a video on the iPad Mini 3 I'd prefer to listen with a comfortable, quality set of headphones.

I looked around for a few days and read many reviews on before settling on this one. This model has been around for a long time and has many favorable reviews as well. Plus a couple of people and a friend from also recommended it.

This is a 'studio' product and isn't colored with heavy bass or other equalizer tones; it's strictly going to sound just as the artist composed their songs or videos and I like that very much.

They're also very comfortable to wear for extended periods. I think the longest I've worn them was for about 6 hours straight and I hardly knew I was wearing them. I was just enjoying the music so much that I had forgot they were on my head.

I also like to use them while I do my guided meditation from on the iPhone. These aren't noise-canceling headphones, but they do a fair job of muffling out external sounds.

The coiled cord is also great in that it allows you to have a very long cord when needed and keeps it from getting in the way if you're walking around with them on.

After a few months with these, I can clearly recommend them to anyone looking for great quality sound and comfort from an unbiased pair of headphones.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.