French Press Kit For At Work

22 August 2016

Today I decided to put together a small kit of coffee gear to keep in my office at work. Since my taste buds seem to be changing more and more over time as it relates to coffee, I've found it necessary to prepare my own if I want to enjoy a cup while at work.

Previously when I was getting into this coffee thing a few years ago I found that I liked the coffee that franchise chain Tim Horton's offered, both in their brew at the store and their whole bean bags I could buy and take home. It's been quiet a while since I've had any of their coffee, probably since at least last winter.

Last week I I bought a medium black cup from them and began to sip on it. After about the second sip I couldn't take it as the taste was just horrible to me. Horrible. I dumped the drink down the drain and finally committed to building my own brewing kit to keep at the office.

Fortunately I had everything I needed already at home on the shelf and in the cupboards. Here is what I am using:

The nice thing for me is that I have my own office so I don't need to keep the gear in the common area break room. Instead it will stay locked up in my office where no one should be messing with it.

Now I can enjoy proper and fresh coffee when I want it.

Download the pdf version with pictures here.