Picking Up Old Hobbies Again

The other day I randomly recalled a tabletop game that I once played as a teenager called Warhammer. It’s been probably 25 years or so since I played it or even thought about it for the most part. Today I hardly know anything about the game but something caught my attention while surfing YouTube and it sparked my memory about the game.

In this modern day of technology I turned the Internet to see what had become of the game I once played as a young person. I found that the game has evolved and new series have spun off it the original as well. But the important part is that the game is still going on and being played by people all over the world. I found a Games Workshop location in Rochester, MI which was almost an hour’s drive from my home and I made the trip last night.

Now the reason why I stopped playing the game all those years ago had been forgotten until the other day. I now remember that I was influenced and affected by my friends, who played the game too, had suddenly decided that the game was evil and the work of the devil.

Of course, looking back that was just silliness and completely untrue in every sense of the concept. At the time however I was young and very impressionable and succumbed to peer pressure and gave up the hobby.

Fast forward many years and I ended up becoming very religious because of these same friends and after years of that experience I gave that up too. See my book that I published last year to learn more about how I got into and subsequently out of religion and back to normal human living.

I’m really quite disappointed in myself for giving up a hobby that I really enjoyed doing all those years ago. I could have had so much more fun all along with it but instead I missed out on many years because of religion. Oh well, the past is the past and I’m not going to dwell on it since it won’t do me any good moaning about it.

What I really enjoyed the most about the game, Warhammer, was the collecting and painting of the figurines. Playing the game was fun too and we’d play on my dad’s billiards table since it was large and we could easily assemble our armies on it and battle it out.

I had spent countless hours during the summer months painting the characters, practicing my technique and trying to match the box or whatever I had to go by in order to get my work to be as close to that as it could be. I just had a great time doing that and enjoyed the calming peace of the work too.

So I went down to the Games Workshop the other day and spoke with the people there getting caught up on 25 years of updates and learning about where the game is at today. I picked up a starter box set of Warhammer The Age of Sigmar, a starter paint set, a couple of books and a magazine all about the games.

While I enjoy going to the gym most every morning before work, when I get home I haven’t been doing a whole lot except watching TV or Netflix and now that I’ve rediscovered this old hobby I will have something new to occupy my time and be doing something with it as well.

Today I ordered a hobby desk from Amazon so I can have a nice place to do my work and be organized as well. I also ordered a few other essential things for getting started, like a full paint brush set, a brush cleaner, a brush holder and other stuff.

Even at almost 39 years old it’s never too late to pick up and old hobby and partake in its pleasures again. Nor is it ever too late to write that book you’ve always wanted to write!

I think as time goes on and I start making progress in assembling and painting my new army, I’ll post about it here.

Remember, it’s never too late to start a hobby, whether an old one or finding a new one to start!

Download the pdf version with pictures here.