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31 January 2021

I've recently joined three clubs with my website. They are, 250kb-club, and The first one is a club for sites that have zero Javascript in them. The other two clubs are for sites that weigh less than 250kb and 512kb, respectively. That means the amount of resources it takes to load your site into a browser.

My website has zero Javascript and weighs in around 6.4kb. The only benefits of being in these clubs is knowing that you're not contributing to the bloat that is the web and you get listed on the pages for these clubs for other people to find you and visit your site.

I'm happy to have a website that meets and exceeds these requirements. It fits into my philosophy of being high-speed, low drag for browsing my site.

Another project I might be working on soon is creating a Gemini site. Gemini is a protocol that fits inbetween the web and gopher. It promises to be secure, lightweight, easy to use and include features that are useful.

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Last Updated 31 January 2021