My Gear

Here is a brief overview of the gear and programs I am currently using for this website or my personal computing gear.

Server Setup

I have a Debian server setup using a Digital Ocean (referral link) droplet and load balancer which runs the open-source NGINX web server. That is what is running this website. I also secure it with a certificate from Let's Encrypt.


I'm using the open-source FTP software FileZilla to upload my files to this server using my SSH keys for authentication.

For editing I use Vim.

Desktop PC

Right now I have an old Alienware X51 R3 running MX Linux and i3wm. I have a bunch of parts that are coming in for a new build PC. I'm waiting on a Noctua CPU heatsink and fan to arrive before I can begin assembling it. I think I am going to load Arch Linux with dwm on the new PC. I've been wanting to try dwm for a while and this will be a good opportunity to do that. I'll make a post about the build and setup later. It will have bloat (pictures) but you'll have to download the pdf to see that.


I recently bought a Lenovo X220 from eBay. I took the hard drive out and put in a solid state drive as well as added new RAM bumping it up to it's maximum 8 GB. I did that before I ever turned the laptop on upon receiving it. It is also running MX Linux with i3wm.