Firefox 77 Address Bar Bloat Fix

07 June 2020

Mozilla Firefox released version 77 recently and they again changed the address bar and reintroduced the bloated, expanding look again. This new functionality overrides our custom changes we made in Firefox 75.

I don't get why they made this change in the first place, and then made a new change in a different area of the config for the same thing. It's very annoying but at least we can again change it.

First, open a new window or tab and in the (bloated) address bar go to the configuration section and tell it you're sure of the "dangers."


Then in the seach bar on this screen, search for these settings and make the recommended changes.

browser.urlbar.disableExtendForTests and create a new Boolean and leave it True

browser.urlbar.maxRichResults and set the value to 0

Once you get these changed, close and restart the browser and you should have the good 'ol address bar back without the bloat.